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Open Positions

We are looking for highly motivated technicians, graduate students, and postdoctoral scholars to work in a highly collaborative and collegial lab environment. Please check the job descriptions below and contact with Dr. Yildirim about your questions/inquiries via email.

Postdoctoral Scholar

Computational Neuroscientist for Analyzing and Modeling Large Scale Recordings and Manipulations in Health and Disease

We are looking for a postdoctoral scholar who will analyze in vivo large-scale optogenetics and imaging dataset with behaving animal models in health and disease. With these analysis pipelines, we would like to understand how neural circuits generate patterned activity that gives rise to complex behaviors and phenotypes in health and disease states. It is a fully-funded and three-years long postdoctoral position. Its duration can be extended further. 

Who we are: We are highly-motivated multi-disciplinary research group focuses on cracking brain complexity in the lens of engineering, optics, photonics, behavioral and computational neuroscience for basic and translational neuroscience questions. We are developing cutting edge microscopes which allows us to record and manipulate neuronal activity in various spatial and temporal scales in health and disease. Please visit our website, and check our lab policy and DEI ( 

Who we are looking for: We are looking for a curious computational neuroscientist who is interested in working in a team-oriented environment and interested in making new discoveries in the basic and translational neuroscience. These positions are ideal for someone with a desire to develop skillsets with analyzing large scale recordings and manipulations and dissect neural circuits responsible for animal behavior in health and disease states.

Responsibilities: It is required to have a doctoral degree in Neuroscience, Engineering, or related disciplines, and to have expertise on one of these following topics: modeling animal behavior such as reinforcement learning and spatial learning, generalized linear model (GLM) for analyzing neural recordings, machine learning such as recurrent neural networks (RNN) for animal behavior and neural recordings, and Hidden Markov Modeling (HMM) for analyzing animal behavior.  It is also required to have experience with coding (MATLAB, R, or Phyton), excellent organizational, analytical, and oral and written communication skills, ability to analyze data and present it in a format suitable for publication, self-motivation, and ability to function effectively in a teamoriented environment

Preferences: It is preferred to have a doctoral degree in Neuroscience, and to have an expertise in GLM, HMM, and RNN.

Interested candidates should submit CV, cover letter, and contact information of two-three references to Dr. Murat Yildirim,

Research Technician

Lab technician-Animal handling and surgery, behavior, large scale recordings, and manipulations

The successful applicant will be responsible for rodent handling and behavioral training, stereotaxic surgeries, brain slicing and histology, and carrying out experiments using systemic injections, microinjections, and/or electrophysiological recording. Some lab manager duties, such as rat colony maintenance and keeping track of lab supplies, will also be required, along with training and assisting undergraduate students in the lab. Experience in rodent handling or another of the above skills is desirable but not required.

Please check the lab advertisement here: Cleveland Clinic Careers (

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