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New paper is accepted in Elife

The first paper demonstrates the use of label-free three-photon imaging of intact cerebral organoids is accepted in Elife. In this paper, we demonstrate label-free three-photon imaging of whole, uncleared intact organoids (∼2 mm depth) to assess early events of early human brain development. Optimizing a custom-made three-photon microscope to image intact cerebral organoids generated from Rett Syndrome patients, we show defects in the ventricular zone volumetric structure of mutant organoids compared to isogenic control organoids. Long-term imaging live organoids reveals that shorter migration distances and slower migration speeds of mutant radially migrating neurons are associated with more tortuous trajectories. Our label-free imaging system constitutes a particularly useful platform for tracking normal and abnormal development in individual organoids, as well as for screening therapeutic molecules via intact organoid imaging.

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